Sheet Metal Lifting:
Ready to Fly High?

Discover how our suction pads
and our lifting and handling systems
can help you to:


  • Move sheets of any size and thickness
    quickly and safely
  • Optimize production rates
    and reduce cycle times
  • Protect your workers from
    unnecessary strain and injury
  • Meet your specific needs
    with customized solutions
  • Reduce labor costs and improve efficiency
metal sheet lifter

Optimize Production and Safety
with Our Custom Metal Sheet Handling Solutions

A variety of suction pads offered
in different positional configurations.

For handling sheet metal
up to a size of 4000 * 2000 mm
and a load capacity of up to 2000 kg

Vacuum generation solutions
that provide optimal performance under a wide range of conditions and
for the most demanding applications.



metal sheet vacuum lifter
vacuum lifter 3 pad for metal sheets

In the metalworking industry, safety, efficiency, and speed are essential.
Our suction pads and lifting and handling systems are designed to meet these exact needs, offering innovative and customized solutions for handling metal sheets of various sizes and thicknesses.

suction plate for metal sheet

Why choose us?

Modularity and Flexibility

Our systems are fully modular and easily adapt to different configurations and production needs. Whether you need to lift large sheets or small workpieces, we have the right solution for you.

Safety First

Vacuum technology ensures safe and efficient lifting, minimizing the risk of accidents and improving working conditions for your employees. Eliminate manual handling and protect your workers from unnecessary strain.

Efficiency and Speed

Optimize production rates with systems designed for speed and accuracy. Reduce downtime and increase the productivity of your processing line.

Custom Design

We are not just a reseller: we have a specialized technical office
that designs and manufactures customized solutions based
on your specific needs.
Each system is unique and designed to integrate perfectly
into your production process.

Complete Assistance

We support you every step of the way, from design to implementation to after-sales service. Our ongoing support ensures that your systems
always operate at their full potential.

Smart Design

Customizable and adaptable to specific needs and environments, with intuitive controls and ease of use.


Support Services

We have a reputation in the industry
for our high level of consulting
and technical support services.

vacuum lifter for metal sheets

Optimized safety for every lift

DAL FORNO vacuum lifters prioritize operator safety
with a focus on redundancy and clear warnings.

Here’s how:

Unwavering reliability: Regardless of weight and size,
DAL FORNO lifts meet the highest safety standards.

Extended backup time: Even in the unlikely event of a technical malfunction, our lifters are designed to maintain the necessary vacuum pressure for several minutes. This buffer provides ample time to safely lower or support the load.

Multiple safeguards: All our lifters feature an alarm system that activates in the event of a power failure, ensuring that the load remains secure. Operators can continuously monitor vacuum levels during operation. If the vacuum in the tank or pads drops below 80%, a clear visual and audible alarm immediately notifies the operator.

With DAL FORNO, you can focus on the job at hand,
knowing that your equipment is prioritizing
a safe working environment for everyone.

vacuum lifter for metal sheet

The Advantages
of Our Systems


Reduction in Operating Costs:
Simplify lifting and handling,
saves time and reduces labor costs.

Increased Safety:
Minimize the risk of accidents
with solutions designed
to ensure maximum operational safety.

Greater Flexibility:
Easily adapt the system
to different production needs
thanks to the modularity of our solutions.

Continuous Support:
Rely on our team of experts
for ongoing consultation and support,
ensuring the long-term success
of your investment.

How It Works

Vacuum lifters use suction obtained either through an air pump
or by employing the Venturi tube principle. The steel construction features suction plates with airtight seals. A pre-vacuum tank provides greater suction even when air is lacking, and a vacuum gauge provides a visual means to monitor the amount of suction.

Energy Saving

Tight seals and high-quality materials minimize air leakage. This reduces power consumption and increases pump life.

Tailored Solutions

Don’t settle for a generic solution.
Let DAL FORNO create a custom vacuum lifter that will enhance your lifting operations.

Skilled Assistance

Maximize the performance of your vacuum lifters,
and increase efficiency with expert vacuum lifter support.

What You Get

  • Efficiency: Reduce cycle times and production costs associated with material handling.
  • Ease of Use: Operator can easily grip, lift and quickly position sheets.
  • Supported Materials: Effortless movement of sheets.
  • Safety: Unlike magnets, vacuum lifters don’t cause problems with non-magnetic materials.
Sheet and Plate Lifter
flexible suction pad for curved material

We also have special flexible suction pads suitable for
lifting curved sheet metal and curved metal objects,
both concave and convex, such as pipes, coils,
support poles, vehicle body parts and more.

Safe. Modular. Efficient.

We recently worked with a sheet metal company to improve their sheet metal handling.
We provided them with a bespoke vacuum lifting and handling system
that enabled them to:

Reduce the time needed to move sheets by 50%

Reduce operator fatigue and work-related injuries by 35%

Increase productivity by 25%


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