Five pad vacuum lifter |
compact pneumatic tilting

apacity: 250 to 1400 kg

Vacuum lifter
suitable for handling large slabs of marble, granite, fragile and precious stones (onyx), cement, ceramic, stoneware and porcelain in large formats, Laminam ® Dekton ® and other thin materials with big dimensions, metal sheets.

Air powered suction gripper, ideal for handling and overturning from horizontal to vertical and vice versa, actuated via a simple pneumatic valve. Multipurpose unit: many configurations are easily obtainable by excluding the suction plates that are outside the gripping area, acting on the on/off valves with locking device.

One of the most versatile multifunctional vacuum lifting equipment, the suction cups can slide along the side cross beams and these along the main supporting one making it possible adjustment with fingertip precision. The robust and compact steel frame structure, equipped with a vacuum reserve tank, is designed to facilitate the pneumatic tilting, which can be achieved using a single cylinder.

In addition to the distinctive and resistant shaped gasket, it is possible to equip the single suction pad with a not marking white rubber plate.

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Vacuum lifter for stone and porcelain
Several configurations available, make the suction pad a versatile and safe tool:
  • manufactured with light alloy materials and galvanized steel, aluminum casting pad – long-life and rustproof;
  • fast and easy replacement of the rubber sealing ring;
  • can be tilted 0° to 90°, to lift and lay down materials both horizontally that vertically (upright);
  • pivoting axis close to the pad to facilitate the vertical positioning;
  • adjustable inclination of the maneuvering handle;
  • detactable and rechargeable vacuum leakage alarm with buzzer and warning lights activated by a vacuum switch, apart battery charger;
  • one-direction valves to allow vacuum keeping also in case of pipe cuts/vacuum loss;
  • ON/OFF sliding valve with locking device against accidental releasing;
  • in compliance with the CE Machine Directive to conform the EU standards for CE marking.


The vacuum is generated by an electric pump or by means of a compressed air vacuum generator (Venturi pipe). The unit usually consists of: electric vacuum pump + connecting pipe + vacuum suction pad. The vacuum pump is to be placed nearby the working place. For special application can be supplied pumps with single-phase, DC electric motors (to be installed on fork lift and hydraulic crane), internal combustion ones.

Suction pads configuration

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You can also download the implementing Instructions.

Technical data

Special designed units can be tailored to meet customer’s requirements.
Multi pad vacuum lifters with manual tilting are also available.
See all the range of our vacuum lifters.
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